YouTuber Diana Madison on Her Role in ‘Mob Town’

From YouTube to the big screen.

YouTuber and entrepreneur Diana Madison is taking her talents off-line. The influencer-slash-businesswoman has worked in entertainment for the past decade, and is a creator and executive producer of the TV show “Glam Masters” with Kim Kardashian. In August, Madison launched her eponymous skin-care company, Diana Madison Beauty. On Dec. 13, she will make her debut in “Mob Town,” a film about the Apalachin Meeting in the Fifties that shed light on the full scale of the Mafia’s reach.

“I’ve played a lot of roles in my life: YouTuber, boss, producer,” said Madison. “YouTube has prepared me for acting because you do so many things on the fly.

“There’s a lot of talk about women’s empowerment and diversity, but there’s not so much content out there that represents us,” she continued. “I want to be one of the people in the forefront to help bring out content that represents women and women’s issues, especially ethnic women like myself.”

Madison’s pivot to acting comes at a time when YouTubers — and social media influencers, in general — are diversifying their online presence. Merchandise, beauty lines and fashion collaborations are popular avenues, though some, including Bretman Rock, are putting their YouTube personalities to good use by going the acting route.

“Mob Town” director Danny A. Abeckaser praised Madison’s energy and acting abilities, adding that he “increased her visibility” during the editing process because he was impressed with her acting.

“She has a great presence, vibed well with the other talent in her scene such as Jamie-Lynn Sigler [‘The Sopranos’], and was committed to giving it her all,” said Abeckaser. “Although it’s a small role, she makes an impression and I believe every actor has to start somewhere.”

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