D-Lo Brown on New Jack, Wrestlemania, shares a good locker room story, more

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion D’Lo Brown was a guest on the 8 Year Anniversary Show of Pancakes and Powerslams. D’Lo appeared right after being featured on the Dark Side of the Ring show, Tuesday evening.
0:00 – Intro
10:30 – D’Lo discusses his time in Smokey Mountain Wrestling, working with #NewJack
16:34 – D’Lo discusses his debut in WWE as an enhancement talent; why his name was “A.C. Corner” instead of A.C. Conner
21:37 – D’Lo discusses his in-ring debut for the Nation of Domination, why Crush and Savio Vega were member of the NOD
26:58 – D’Lo discusses winning the European Championship for the first time
41:30 – D’Lo discusses his SummerSlam 1998 match against Val Venis
43:47 – D’Lo discusses his feud against X-Pac
45:29 – D’Lo discusses teaming with Test at WrestleMania 15; why Test was chosen as his partner
47:42 – D’Lo discusses defeating Jeff Jarrett to becoming the first Eurocontinental Champion
50:22 – D’Lo discusses his “Lo Down” team being the “lowlight of his career”
53:19 – D’Lo discusses returning to HWA in 2001
54:50 – D’Lo discusses blindfold match vs. Triple H
57:14 – D’Lo discusses last match in 2003 on Raw before being released; why he was released in 2003
59:39 – D’Lo discusses his WWE return in 2008
1:01:04 – D’Lo discusses Table for 3 NOD episode
1:03:48 – D’Lo discusses the first and only “WWF Domino Tournament”; Jim Ross can play dominoes!
1:05:37 – D’Lo discusses Wrestlers Court incident with The Undertaker
1:07:16 – D’Lo discusses prank from Owen Hart & British Bulldog
1:18:30 – Chris Benoit – Dark Side of the Ring
1:24:16 – how WWE is handling things right now; why AEW empty arena programming has been better than WWE
1:28:07 – Doug Basham, Jeff Farmer (nWo Sting) Nick Patrick, Marty Elias, Garrett Bischoff, and Ricky Steamboat wish happy 8 Year Anniversary and give encouraging words
1:31:52 – any heel or face turns happening at WrestleMania
1:38:27 – reason why WWE may have not made the decision to postpone WrestleMania
1:44:29 – COVID-19 discussion
1:51:28 – my pro wrestling Mt. Rushmore
1:53:23 – Mt. Rushmore of enhancement talent
1:56:44 – why didn’t WWE have a bidding war with FOX or ESPN to air WrestleMania
1:58:21 – Mt. Rushmore of referees
2:07:00 – All-Time Greatest WrestleManiaClick Here: new zealand blues jersey

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