More WWE Releases Rumored to be Coming Soon

During today’s edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the recent spate of WWE releases this week, which included Luke Harper, The Ascension (Viktor and Konnor), and Sin Cara. According to Meltzer, there is talk backstage in WWE that there are “more to come” in terms of releases. 
Meltzer indicated that WWE officials seem to be going back and forth on granting talent releases from the company. Meltzer stated, “I was told there would be releases, and then it was, ‘No. No one’s getting released.’ So, I don’t know. It kind of goes back and forth on what they’re going to do. But there’s people who have asked for their release that were not released. And there’s people who asked for their release,” referring to Sin Cara and Luke Harper. Both men had publicly revealed that they requested releases from their WWE contracts on social media. Luke Harper had announced that he requested his WWE release way back in April. 
One such Superstar who has requested his WWE release but not received it yet was Mike Kanellis (aka Mike Bennett), despite Meltzer stating that Bennett “has done everything that they’ve asked.” Kanellis requested his release from WWE last October. If more releases are coming soon, that rumor would suggest that Kanellis could be one of the next Superstars who is leaving. 
Meltzer went on to say that Harper would be free to wrestle for other promotions after his no-compete clause with WWE expires, and the date he would be free up is March 8, 2020. Additionally, WWE added on time to Harper’s contract due to his time away from the ring due to injury. 
His contract was originally scheduled to expire last month. Harper did make a brief return to WWE programming in September and October before he was ultimately granted his release from the promotion. Apparently, there was a difference of 17 days due to the added time for Harper, which would’ve reportedly made him a free agent later on March 25, 2020. So, Harper it appears Harper was granted his release only slightly earlier before his deal was slated to expire.Click Here: rugby jerseys

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