News and Notes from Triple H’s NXT Takeover conference call

– Triple H says he still has no interest in wrestling in NXT. “It’s about the youth, the future, and a new generation of star. I want others to have that moment on that stage.” He says the final member of Ciampa’s team will be made last second and people will be excited.
– Triple H teased big stars from Raw and SmackDown appearing on NXT tonight to continue the build to Survivor Series.
– Triple H says going to the media or Twitter is not the appropriate way to air grievances in regards to wrestlers posting statements saying they’ve asked for their release.
– Triple H says asking for your release on social media “is not how you do business”
– Triple H says the creative relationship between WWE and NXT for this weekend has been a collaborative process and really fun. He said it’s been ‘somewhat planned’ but out of chaos, too.
– Triple H says Shawn Michaels, alongside Jim Smallman, has taken a ‘chief role’ in the NXT UK product and ‘It shows. It’s an exceptional product’.
– Running NXT UK Takeover on a Sunday was an internal call that Triple H wasn’t involved in.
– Triple H says Johnny Gargano is day to day with his injury. There’s nothing structurally concerning, just management of symptoms.
– Triple H confirms conversations early in the process took place regarding a possible Adam Cole vs. The Fiend vs. Brock Lesnar match at Survivor Series. Says The Fiend doing his own thing is almost cleaner and the Lesnar storyline was too good to move away from.
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