Cody Reacts to Seth Rollins AEW “Minor Leagues” Remarks

Cody was on a recent episode of ESPN’s Cheap Heat and discussed Seth Rollins recently calling AEW the “minor leagues.” Highlights are below. 
“For the developmental comments, when they came from Kenny, and then when the minor league comments came from Seth, I think that’s just two really great athletes, actually just trying to nick at, in the case of Seth specifically, prod and poke and get under the skin of another. I don’t think they were as mean-spirited as the world made them out to be. I think Seth is super talented, I believe I had his very first dark match in WWE, he’s a unique soul, he’s super talented, he works his ass off for them when a lot of people at that company just collect the check. I kind of just sit back in those moments and don’t take it personally because part of wrestling is us talking shit about each other, so I never take anything personally and I’m surprised when we are such a woke culture that we take everything as a ‘Stop saying WWE,’ ya know, like, who cares, enjoy it. If you don’t like this person, perfect, it’s more fuel to the fire. And if you do love them, you shout their name from the rooftop. I just look at it as wrestlers talking smack about other wrestlers which is a key component of wrestling.”Click Here: louth gaa jerseys

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