ROH Released A New Security Policy In The Past Week

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that ROH released a new security police in the last week that could be a response to the recent incident involving a fan and Bully Ray that happened months ago.
According to the Observer, the new policy notes that there will be a direct person of contact in charge of security. If there are issues, the person to contact will be that person, the Director of Operations, the Director of Production or the General Manager, not a wrestler. Contractors or local volunteers working security are not allowed to handle the problems and must immediately report issues to security or whoever is in charge.
In addition to that, any fan causing issues cannot be brought backstage for any reason. Of course, this is what happened to Josh Ketch that caused controversy back in June, as he claimed he was taken backstage and intimidated by Bully Ray. If there is a reason for someone to go backstage that isn’t approved ahead of time, permission must come from the Director of Operations or the General Manager.
If a fan is acting in a way that moves beyond “having fun” and begins to bother or ruin the show for other fans, security has to report the situation but cannot engage with the fan. If a fan tries to attack a performer or jump the rail, then “all attempts should be made to protect both the performer first, and then the fan. Force should be used only as necessary until proper security or police can subdue the individual.”Click Here:

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