The definitive ranking of the nicest jerseys at the Rugby World Cup

IF YOU HAVEN’T rushed out to your nearest online retailer to snap up a rugby jersey to show your Rugby World Cup commitment, wait. Because your nationality shouldn’t restrict you from getting the finest looking jersey you can get. Here’s the definitive, no-arguments-accepted countdown of the good the bad and the ugly.

20. Uruguay

They’re the team everyone forgets about in the Pool of Death and this run-of-the-mill Kooga effort ain’t going to change that.

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19. Namibia

Ah, listen. It’s grand, but we need more than grand if we’re handing over a serious chunk of change to Canterbury.

18. Australia

Come on, Wallabies. You have such a rich culture of rugby innovation and you come to a Rugby World Cup in England with these?  We expected better.

They’re lucky they’ve got world’s greatest athlete Israel Folau to make these look good.

17. Romania

See, Australia. Even this yellow kit from the second best team in eastern Europe is better than yours.

16. Japan

We’ll be honest with you, Brave Blossoms. Your alternate kit has saved you from 20th and last position here.

We’ll try to ignore the traditional colours and marvel at these deep shades of blue instead instead.

Not all nations will be so lucky as the plucky Japanese – our soon-to-be Rugby World Cup hosts.

15. Wales

As co-hosts, albeit uncredited co-hosts, we want more from a Wales jersey. There’s just something not quite right about that gold trim.

14. Tonga

Red jerseys normally have an advantage over others, but despite Tonga’s nice shoulder pattern, it’s not much better than the Welsh effort.

13. Georgia

If Mamuka Gorgodze says it’s nice, we’re happy to agree. The WRU should be fuming that Under Armour sent the good designs to Tbilisi.

12. USA

We had this US kit ranked higher, until we noticed all the stars covering the lower ribcage.

11. France

France, so often the most fashionable bunch of feckers around, have let their high standards slip for the spin through the Chunnel*.

*Side note: When did we stop calling it the Chunnel?

10. Canada

Attention, Wales. This is what a plain red rugby jersey ought to look.

Source: RugbyStore

9. Ireland

Beautifully shaped, ideal crest and logo position, we’re sure it magically stops you sweating and most importanly, it’s green.

Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHO

Oh, it also comes in black, but we’re not giving extra points because we won’t see this bad boy in action unless we somehow meet South Africa in the knockouts.

Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHO

8. England

The hosts have stripped down to a minimalist version of their home kit and it the brilliant white is going to look terrific under floodlights. The alternate red kit will be a nice change too, they’ll wear it against Fiji on opening night.

7. Fiji

Bless you, Fiji. Not only for the deadly pattern underneath the armpits, but also for the paint-dipped black alternate kit.

The whole world is rooting for you in pool A.

6. Scotland

Scotland have finally broken free of their all-navy shackles and broke out some tartan go-faster stripes.

Chuck on a proper collar and this is a serious piece of rugby kit.

5. Italy

Speaking of collars, it’s the only thing wrong with this Azzuri number.

4. Argentina

We have a habit of drooling over Argentina football jerseys every four years, so it’s only right that we pay homage to the albiceleste in the great game of rugby too.

Nike, you’ve done a fine job, especially on this alternate kit.

3. New Zealand

Yep, they’re still all in black.

2. South Africa

A quality production, taking everything Asics had at their disposal and making it work to brilliant effect.

The yellow sleeve detail the simple green torso, the place found for both the protea and the springbok… only The Beast could stop us picking up and fondling these shirts.

1. Samoa

Pick your jaw off the floor.

Samoa’s BLK get-up will make you look like an underrated character from X-Men.

And their formal wear is head and shoulders better than everyone too.

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