Joe Schmidt’s appendix, Football Manager memories and the rest of the week’s best comments

Source: Dan Sheridan/INPHO

Joe Schmidt had a good week and James Sullivan reckoned the Ireland coach popped into Dublin Zoo as well.

There was a legendary wrestler quiz and John C channeled The Rock’s spirit with strange results.

Katie Taylor won another world championship but Andrew McQuillan wondered why people don’t follow her all year round.

Joe Schmidt had his appendix out and TheTruth offered a handy way of getting it removed.

And Cian O’Donoghue thinks we should hold onto the removed appendix.

Peter County Arms really doesn’t want a certain book for Christmas.

Eel knack mole has very fond memories of Football Manager.

Don Juan thinks Roy Keane should be giving psychiatric advice.

Mickey Rourke made a comeback to boxing and Emma Nolan wondered whether it was a level playing field.

First published at 10.30

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