Téji Savanier: “Rémy Cabella adored Cristiano Ronaldo, his room was lined with CR7 posters”

In speaking with the newspaper Midi Libre, Montpellier captain Téji Savanier (30) discussed Rémy Cabella’s return to Montpellier and his future at the club.

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What memories do you have of your early Montpellier years with the returning Rémy Cabella?“I was often with him at the academy, he adored Cristiano Ronaldo, his room was lined with CR7 posters, he tried to replicate his skills. He’s hyperactive… With age he’s calmed down a bit but, when he was young, he was crazy!”

Can his arrival influence your decision to extend your contract?“It’s a pleasure to play with Rémy, but that won’t change my decision.”

At 30, having been “crazy” to refuse Milan in 2019, do you think that this may be your last opportunity to play abroad?“I tell myself that without hearing it because I’m fine here. I have a year and a half left with my club, it’s not a headache for now… We’ll see what will happen. Today, I don’t think of leaving or of signing elsewhere. I’m very happy, I’m in my city with my family and the president trusts me.”

Many supporters have asked you to stay here, does it affect you?“When I’m at La Mosson or the supermarket, a lot of our supporters tell me: ‘we need you, you’re the child of the club’ – it makes me happy and I thank them for their support. But it’s with pleasure that I stay here, we’re in discussions about it.”

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