Marseille President Eyraud & Lyon President Aulas engaged in COVID-19 spat

After a quiet Saturday without football owing to COVID-19, Lyon President Aulas and his Marseille counterpart Eyraud have engaged in a verbal spat, originating from Aulas’ declaration yesterday in which he suggested the 2019/20 season should be entirely scrapped if it cannot be completed because of the virus. This would see OL be in the Champions’ League next season, despite currently being 7th, and OM remaining outside of Europe, despite currently being in 2nd.

Speaking to Le Journal du Dimanche, Eyraud clapped back:

“When his fever has come down, Jean-Michel Aulas will see the obscenity of his opportunism and will quickly return to the values that make him a great footballing operator. We are well-versed in Jean-Michel Aulas’ obsessive desire to defend Lyon with everything he has. But this is taking the mickey. Do you really love football when, without consulting anyone, you suggest annulling 28 sets of games that have already been played. 25,200 minutes worth of effort, joy and difficult moments. 25,200 minutes of sharing moments between Ligue 1 players.”

“Should we dissolve them owing to the selfishness of one individual who wants his team in the Champions’ League? So, because his Lyon players are you to qualify for the biggest prize, there remains a joker card: the coronavirus. It is simply enough to vanish this championship into a cupboard of bad memories and for Jean-Michel Aulas to administer an anti-defeat vaccine. Come on, let’s pretend that this season never existed. Let’s was our hands with lotion that destroys sports results and erases reality from the field.”

“The very idea of using this widespread challenge for personal gain is indecent. Let us live up to the values of sport, let us be an example as a football family that seeks to defend the general interest.”

Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas responded on Twitter, trashing Eyraud for his poor record as president of OM:

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“Good for you and your disciples that ridiculousness is less deadly than the coronavirus. In terms of everything else, I hope with all my heart that the league will get going again quickly and that we will be able to finish it like our Champions’ League match and the cup final. For you JH, the most difficult times are just beginning. Football has never been JH’s strong suit: after suggesting to increase the number of points a team could get from a match if they scored goals from outside of the box, the €200m loss that he has run up in three years, despite FFP only allowing him to have a €30m loss, now he has exposed himself to a potential defamation suit because he has twisted my words!”

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