Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2020

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There’s a new lady in town, and she’s painting the town red, Red Valentino that is. For the pre-fall season, the Red Valentino girl got a very cool, edgy update with all the masterful craftsmanship and house codes in tow. 

Inspired by the Eighties’ British clubbing and Nineties’ pink Riot Girls, whimsical, dreamy offerings felt fresh and rebellious in hot pink and red, layered with fabulous leather jackets and pants, acid-wash denim, faux-fur shaggy jackets and graphic logo or leopard-print offerings. Cocktail shakers were aplenty, beaming retro prom, but in a modern aspiration way. For instance, a bubblegum-pink corseted tulle mini topped with hot pink leather biker jacket. Signature romantic bows were more undone, and offered in an acid green color, eccentrically topping off blouses or turned into playful earrings. The collection felt entirely right for the Red Valentino woman, but with more zest and unapologetic style than before.

Red Valentino Pre-Fall 2019

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