Victor Glemaud Pre-Fall 2020

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Victor Glemaud’s pre-fall collection was inspired by Swedish painter Hilma af Klint, whose work was recently exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum. Glemaud was taken by the artist’s use of floral motifs and graphic stripes.

He added floral stitches to the crochet of summery pastel dresses, and cool stripes to a cropped shirt with matching flared trousers, giving the look a fun Seventies vibe, especially when paired with the cowboy boots shot throughout the look book (used at the suggestion of stylist George Cortina, who recommended handmade boots with vivid and graphic colors). “I love a stripe,” Glemaud said during a preview, which was apparent given the number of striped pieces he made — including a pink, white, purple and blue top styled with matching ankle-length skirt.

He paired another graphic sweater with a blue and white “v” neckline over swim bottoms made more for sunbathing than swimming. Other psychedelic multi-striped swimwear was reminiscent of what Farah Fawcett might have worn in the Seventies. Staying true to his aesthetic, Glemaud put out another collection meant for young women who want fashion pieces for on the go. 

Victor Glemaud Pre-Fall 2020

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