Sachin & Babi Pre-Fall 2020

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Sachin & Babi fills a niche space in the world of occasion dressing. They offer a young and undeniably diverse range of styles, but what really sets them apart is affordability and extended sizing with quality fashionable product.

They’re known mainly for evening options and have been working steadfastly to pivot into dressy day options, as well. Along the way, designers Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia have found their customers are really Southern belle types: girls who take pride in dressing up and enjoy a level of playfulness.

Pre-fall was all about textures, prints and surface design. The designers played around with Moroccan tiles, engineering six prints from antique tiles sourced at flea markets. Fortuitously, they’ll be heading to Morocco over Christmas break for Sachin’s parents’ 50th anniversary celebration, so it’s a safe bet similar inspiration might appear in foreseeable collections. The tile prints themselves had range, from completely new to vintage-inspired and reminiscent of archival prints — and set upon dresses and separates perfect for a summer soiree. Day looks included a blazer, halter dress and puff-sleeved blouse all cut with a Seventies hand, while one standout fitted gown with beaded neckline was geared strictly for night.

Sachin & Babi Pre-Fall 2020

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Some of the most relatable pieces leveled a sense of ease. The corn fabric introduced in the spring collection was cut in soft blue dresses as a great alternative to taffeta, and the asymmetrically draped white top over matching trousers was a youthful evening proposition. Pieces that straddled the day-to-night line best included the fun striped dresses derived from flag mosaics, and an elegant fluid green dress that also balanced the perfect amount of bedroom allure.

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