EXCLUSIVE: Moncler Launches Bio-Based Down Jacket

BON-CLER: Moncler is upping the ante of his commitment into sustainability by introducing a new bio-based and carbon-neutral down jacket.

Offered in a single navy shade, the unisex style is made with plant-based fabrics and accessories. In particular, the fabric, lining, buttons and zips all derive from castor beans, a raw material that allows for a 30 percent reduction of CO2 emissions compared to a fossil origin source.

The castor plant itself is a sustainable and renewable source since it does not affect food supply and agriculture as it is cultivated in arid regions and requires extremely small amounts of water to grow.

Finishes of the down jacket, such as inside labels, are made in cotton while the logo appearing on the frontal pocket is rendered in wool.

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To further heighten its attention toward the environment and biodiversity, the company has offset the emissions generated throughout the whole life cycle of the down jacket through REDD+ certified projects — which are focused on preserving the Amazon rainforest — consequentially making the bio-based style carbon neutral.

The item will be available starting from today in Moncler stores globally and on the company’s e-commerce with a price tag of 1,300 euros.

This project follows the recent introduction of the Moncler Grenoble Recycled line, which included pieces made of recycled fabrics.

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