Fuse Media and Ntwrk Enter Revenue-sharing, Ad Partnership

Ntwrk has launched an e-commerce, revenue-sharing, cross-promotional and advertising partnership with Fuse Media.

The agreement, which kicked off Friday, will allow for both companies to preview exclusive Ntwrk product launches on Fuse content, beginning with Fuse original series “Bust It Open.” Rapper Tory Lanez is the latest guest of the series and wears the Talentless + Keith Haring Heart hoodie that will be available on Ntwrk on Sunday, Dec. 15, at 6 p.m.

In addition, Ntwrk and Fuse will go to market with joint sponsorship opportunities.

Patrick Courtney, Fuse Media’s senior vice president of digital strategy and operations, said the partnership will offer the company’s viewers “an innovative way to interact with Fuse content. ‘Bust It Open’ is just the beginning of what we can do to create shoppable experiences for our most popular digital and linear content brands.”

The new partnership comes months after Ntwrk received funding from Live Nation and Drake. Aaron Levant, the founder of the e-commerce and content platform, said the investment would be put toward the development of Ntwrk Presents, a new pop-up event franchise.

It also comes as NBC Universal is expanding its shoppable TV content to its 11 networks and new streaming platform that launches in April.

Fuse Media emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June to reduce its secured debt of $200 million. Fuse Media Interim CEO Mike Roggero said the company will focus on its original programing and increase its original content in 2020.


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