Take a Sneak Peek at the Newest International Best Dressed List

RUM ROLL PLEASE: The International Best Dressed List will be revealed in its entirety before the crack of dawn Saturday morning via Graydon Carter’s digital weekly Air Mail.

The roster will have five categories this time around – Women, Men, Couples, Fashion Professionals and Hall of Fame. There are 10 women, 10 men and 10 Fashion  Professionals who made the cut, and two new inductees for the Hall of Fame.

Some of the winners include “Big Little Lies” actress Zoe Kravtiz for Women: pop star Harry Styles for Men; Vogue alum-turned-free-agent at Managament + Artists Tonne Goodman and designer Thom Browne for Fashion Professionals, and the ever-stylish Queen Letizia of Spain for the Hall of Fame newcomer. There is no ranking for the list, but readers will learn who received the most votes for each category.

Kravitz’s laissez-faire style may be ingrained from her parents – actress Lisa Bonet and musician Lenny Karvaitz. Zoe Kravitz has much to celebrate as of late. She was nominated for a Golden Globe award Monday for her role in the Reese Witherspoon-produced HBO series. Kravitz rang in her 31stbirthday earlier this month and she married Karl Glusman at her father’s Paris apartment last summer. For her rehearsal dinner on a sultry summer night, the actress had the kind of elan that allowed her to wear custom bike shorts beneath a hand-crocheted illusion dress embellished with pearls from designer Danielle Frankel.  Kravitz wound up second in the polling for the women’s category.

Browne, meanwhile, appeared to be not just a runway favorite, but a runaway favorite for the fashion crowd. The New York-based designer garnered more votes than any of his competitors in the Fashion Professionals category.

Styles is on the road to becoming a fashion force for the younger generation, and his upcoming 2020 tour will inevitably help to raise that status. The singer is known to mix major league designer labels with lesser-known ones, as evidenced by his recent “Saturday Night Live” appearance. Palling around with Kendall Jenner may be a factor too.

The IBDL is not be confused with Vanity Fair’s new best-dressed list. The Air Mail version traces back to 1940, when fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert founded the fashion-minded. Following her death in 2003, the list was bequeathed to Amy Fine Collins, Carter, Reinaldo Herrera and Aimee Bell. That responsibility came with full access to Lambert’s IBDL archives, which Collins has compared to “time traveling really from the 1930s.” This year’s list was culled from a digital survey. Wannabees or jilted nonlisters can read all about the inner workings of how the list is crafted in Collins’ new book, “The International Best-Dressed List: The Official Story.” Another option would be for them to turn up at her December 18 talk with Fern Mallis at 92Y.


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