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BTE opened with Matt and Nick Jackson giving Brandon Cutler the silent treatment. He asked them if they had a match or a promo this week. Nick flipped Cutler off. 
Other highlights included: 
Alex Reynolds and John Silver tried to recruit Britt Baker to Dark Order. Silver did a Robert DeNiro impression. Silver and Reynolds thought Britt was a baker for a living. 
Cutler went to Tony Khan’s office to try to recover the money that Matt and Nick paid for their first fine. 
Stu Grayson was livid that Silver tried to frame him last week and wanted to kill Silver. Evil Uno tried to talk him out of it because of all the paperwork Uno would have to do. Grayson said that he’s not afraid of anyone. Anna Jay entered. Grayson is afraid of Anna. 
Colt Cabana is still looking for someone to fix his face. 
Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy were chatting up someone at the bar when a dragon walked in. 
Silver and Reynolds impersonated Brodie Lee doing the classic two guys in a trench coat bit. Brodie entered and was about to rip them apart when Sue entered and gave Dark Order some food. Brodie threw it on the ground but blamed Silver for it. Sue hit Silver with papers. 
We saw Cutler Cam footage from the parking lot fight on Dynamite. 
Cabana had an athletic trainer fix his face but it was botched and he looks like Michael Nakazawa now. 
We saw a faceless figure playing with Santana and Ortiz voodoo dolls. They cut to the real Santana and Ortiz who were feeling the pain of the dolls. The big reveal was that Sue is into voodoo. 
The show closed with a montage of Matt and Nick’s recent heelish actions. Matt got a text from Nick reminding him of how they once said that one day they would face The Revival and everyone would rejoice.

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