NWA POWERRR Results (2/4): Atlanta, GA. (Video)

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) returned with episode 17 of their weekly digital series NWA POWERRR on Tuesday evening. Featured below are complete results of this week’s show. The following report comes from F4WOnline.com.


NWA Power opened with a brand new theme.

This episode featured a rematch between Thunder Rosa and Allysin Kay.

Before we got back into the action, Tim Storm came out. A person in the crowd came out and yelled “I love you Tim!” and he responded with “I love you too!” and he called all the fans his family. Absolutely fantastic. Storm asked the NWA management to be involved in the Heavyweight title picture, and he wanted to prove himself against the best, which meant that he was going to get a match with Thom Latimer to try and move up the card.

Joe Galli asked Storm if he was considering retirement, and asked Storm to set the record straight. Tim Storm told Galli to forget about the rumours, and that he values every single minute he gets to be in front of the fans, and in the ring, and that he isn’t retiring. He needs to get by Thom Latimer to move onto the rest of Strictly Business.

Latimer came out and said that Storm already lost, and he wouldn’t be getting a shot at the title soon. As they were talking, Galli said he was hearing from the back that Momma Storm was there. A man came out dressed as an old woman, and mocked Storm, calling him old and saying that she wanted her son to take a nap. “Momma Storm” said that Tim should go back to teaching so he could learn how to win a match. Storm left in disgust.

Great segment from everyone involved here. Tim Storm remains a very compelling babyface.

Matt Cross defeated Caleb Konley

Cross and Konley started fast, with Cross hitting a forearm in the corner and a snapmare for a two count. Cross swept the legs and hit an elbow drop for a two count. Konley turned it around when he pulled Cross from the middle rope, sending him crashing back first into the top turnbuckle.

Konley swept the legs and hit a senton for two count. Cross hit a handspring elbow for a two count. Konely dodged a corner charge and hit a superkick and a tornado DDT for a two count. Cross hit elbows to counter a suplex, but Konley rolled through and hit a forearm and sent Cross to the opposite ropes. Cross used the ropes to slingshot him backwards into a cutter and then hit a shooting star press for the victory!

Both men shook hands after the match, to the delight of the crowd, indicating that they want to do this again down the road.

A video aired with Nick Aldis and he mentioned how it has been over 400 days since he recaptured the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. Aldis said that wasn’t the number he was concerned about though, because he hadn’t heard from Marty Scurll in 7 days.

He wondered openly if Marty was rethinking the challenge, or if he was concerned about the treacherous territory he was entering. Aldis said that Marty could turn it down, but that he expected an answer by this Sunday at ROH Free Enterprise. He said that Marty better be coming up with a big counter offer if he doesn’t accept because they’re both businessmen, and Aldis’ patience was running out.

The Pope was with Dave Marquez and the Dawsons, and he said he didn’t owe them a particular explanation, as they simply saw an opportunity with Pope to up their standing in the NWA. Pope said that Kingston and Homicide failed to take advantage of the chance Pope got him for the tag team titles.

He said that Kingston & Homicide losing didn’t hurt his reputation, but it revealed that Homicide didn’t have star power. Kingston came out and had his hands behind his back, saying he was going to be good. The NWA management saw him getting a screwdriver and wrench from under the ring.

Kingston said he should rip out Pope’s tongue. Kingston put over how great Homicide is, and how many people he trained. He then talked about how Homicide saved his life, and how he is family. However, he was going to be a good boy, and had someone else ready to help him fight Pope’s group – The Bouncers, Brian Milonas & the Beer City Bruiser! Mr. Beer has made his debut in the NWA!

May Valentine had a vlog where she talked about Royce Isaacs’ match last week where he finally got a win, but also in how he got very jealous of her making a new friend in Sal Rinaruo.

NWA (3rd Degree) National Title Match: Aron Stevens w/ Question Mark drew Trevor Murdoch in a time limit draw

Stevens tried to out wrestle Murdoch, but the veteran was ahead of him at every point with sharp punches and headlock takeovers. Murdoch slammed Stevens twice to a pop from the crowd, and got a big pop for doing so.

As Murdoch made his way around the ring, Question Mark cut him off. The referee sent Question Mark out of the ringside area, but Stevens used this as a chance to hit a baseball slide. Stevens pulled the ropes down and sent Murdoch to the floor, asking for the time. Stevens hit several punches on the mat and choked him with his knee.

Stevens choked Murdoch on the middle rope and hit a knee to the back. Murdoch rolled up Stevens, but Stevens kicked out and hit a lariat for a two count. Stevens threw Murdoch to the floor and asked for the time yet again. The referee counted, but Murdoch got back into the ring and blocked a turnbuckle smash, hitting Stevens with one of his own.

Stevens hit a neckbreaker for a two count. Stevens got the heat for a bit, hitting an eye poke, and then dumping Murdoch back to the floor. Stevens was waiting for him to get back in, and continued to stomp on Murdoch again before hitting a Russian leg sweep. Murdoch kicked out. The announcer said that there were two minutes left in the match.

Stevens threw Murdoch to the floor again, but Murdoch hit a clothesline from the apron, came back in, and hit another. Murdoch hit the 10 corner punches and then hit a full Nelson slam, but Stevens kicked out with just one minute left. Murdoch locked on a sleeper with 30 seconds left, but Stevens hit a jawbreaker, and the time limit expired. Murdoch hit a bulldog off the top rope after the bell, and gained a visual pinfall over Stevens.

Sean Mooney gave his two minute update on the happenings in the NWA. This was very old school, and a smart way to tell and promote stories. He reminded us of the Lucky 7 rule, where if he gets 7 wins in a row, or at least a time limit draw, he would get a title shot at the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. I really enjoyed this.

James Storm & Eli Drake defeated Jocephus & Mims

Storm and Drake showed some good tag team offence early on, cornering Jocephus. Jocephus threw a strike that looked strangely familiar to someone rather Questionable. Storms and Drake hit a back elbow on Mims, and continued their dominance in this match. Storm hit a chop to the back and a senton for a two count.

Drake hit a powerslam on Mims and hit a running elbow drop on Mims before tagging out. Drake picked up Mims into a fireman’s carry and sent him flying into a back cracker by Storm for the pinfall victory.

NWA World Women’s Championship: Thunder Rosa defeated Allysin Kay

Kay and Rosa exchanged grappling attempts until Rosa was able to move into a cross face. Kay countered with a roll up, but only got a two count. Thunder Rosa hit a snapmare and then a kick to the back of Kay, and Kay responded with one of her own. Rosa went for a PK, but Kay laid down to duck it and rolled Rosa up for a two count.

Rosa was able to get back into it attacking the arm of Kay. She kept this up for several minutes. Rosa continued with a brutal submission on Allysin Kay, but she managed to make it to the ropes. Rosa slapped the crap out of her, which led to Kay hitting several strikes to the stomach and then both women exchanged running forearms.

Both women hit double boots and were down. Rosa hit a flying clothesline into the corner and then followed up with double knees to the chest. As Rosa was going for another attack, Marti Belle came out and distracted Rosa and Kay both. They told her to leave, and as they did this, Ashley Vox & Tasha Steelz came out to keep her away.

Rosa rolled up Kay, but Kay kicked out and hit a neckbreaker, a clothesline, and then a big boot before hitting a Jackhammer on Rosa for a two count. Rosa countered a wheelbarrow with a stunner for a two count, and then hit a German suplex for another two count. Thunder Rosa hit a Death Valley Driver, but Kay still managed to kick out.

Rosa hit a flapjack into the top rope and then rolled Kay up and managed to get the pinfall!

Check out episode 17 of NWA POWERRR from Atlanta, GA. below.

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