News on Some WWE Wrestlers Working a Limited Schedule

— Daniel Bryan, under his newly signed contract with WWE, has a schedule similar to Randy Orton in that he works a limited amount of weekend dates, but still works most Smackdown and big shows, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Bryan had been pushing for a specific number of dates as a limit in his new agreement and it reportedly did not leave a lot left for house shows. Another wrestler who also secured a contract with a somewhat limited schedule is Rey Mysterio.

— From WWE’s perspective, they had to compromise on dates with such established stars as Orton, Bryan and Mysterio but they don’t want to flaunt it to all the other wrestlers who have to work every weekend. The weird thing is that it’s not very difficult to tell who is working and who isn’t during any given weekend and so it’s obvious to all the talent even though it’s not something that is talked about.

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