Phoenix Police Department Releases Report on Enzo Amore Investigation

— After previously clearing Enzo Amore of all charges related to the sexual assault accusations that were levied against him, the Phoenix Police Department released their full report into their investigation. They revealed that prior to the “victim” going public with her story, the “accused” (Amore) was not contacted beforehand and thus, his statements suggesting this were true. WWE ended up firing him for not disclosing the investigation among other things, but it sounds like he was being honest all along.

— The police statement also indicated that no evidence of a sexual assault was found after forensic and crime lab results came back and that cell phone and social media activity somewhat contradict the victim’s original story.

— The statement ended by saying that at this time the facts of the case do not allow them to move ahead with sexual assault charges but that if any new evidence is presented or discovered, the investigation will re-open but until that happens, the case is closed.

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