More Details on Daniel Bryan Being Cleared to Wrestle, His WWE Future, more

— The back story with Daniel Bryan is that he had been trying unsuccessfully to get cleared by WWE, specifically Dr. Maroon, for years and finally just went up to Maroon last year and asked him what he needed to do to get the green light to return to in-ring competition.

— According to Wrestling Observer Live, he reportedly even asked Maroon for a list of concussion “experts” whom the doctor trusted with the assurance that he would go to all of them to get cleared which is what Bryan has been doing over the last few months. All the names that Maroon gave Bryan obviously cleared him which pretty much paved the way for Maroon himself giving the okay.

— The details of Bryan’s clearance is that he is free to wrestle however much he wants or however much the company wants him to but at this point, it’s possible that Bryan won’t want to wrestle a full-time schedule. The plan for WrestleMania as of Monday was indeed for him to team up with Shane McMahon to take on the Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens duo.

— It is believed that the possibility of Bryan returning to the ring was in play for the last couple of weeks, but the official medical clearance was likely obtained on Monday as there were people backstage in WWE that knew he was going to be wrestling at WrestleMania. The timing of WWE’s announcement can either be attributed to either trying to drum up viewership for Smackdown or because there was a significant risk the news was going to get out and WWE didn’t want anyone scooping them.

— Finally, now that WWE has cleared Bryan to return as a wrestler, it is believed that he will be looking to re-sign with WWE once his contract expires in September.

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