WWE '205 Live' Review (4/18/17) – TJ Perkins vs. Austin Aries

Report by: Andrew Hatcher, rajah.com reporter – andrewhatcher45@gmail.com

Welcome back to Drews Reviews! This weeks show is heavy on the recent alliance between Neville and TJ Perkins, so with that’s said we’ll get right down to it. But before we get to that, heres this.

The Raw Rebound

TJ Perkins vs Jack Gallagher

This is a rematch from last week’s 205 Live main event. Before the match, a replay aired from last weeks Raw that recapped the attack by TJ Perkins on Austin Aries after their match. Before the bell rang, JoJo announced a “special appearance” by the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Neville. Austin Aries made his way out to the ring, and said his invitation to the “special viewing party” must’ve gotten lost, so he invited himself. The bell rang, and the two tied up. They exchanged a few quick submission holds, and then went into a few longer submission exchanges. Gallagher applied a headlock for a while, and Perkins eventually countered with a hold of his own. Gallagher did a very unique spin out of it, and applied a hold of his own. Gallagher rolled Perkins into a pin with his legs, but Perkins kicked out at 2. Gallagher remained in control of the match, and did a dab to mock Perkins. Perkins grabbed Gallagher’s umbrella, and threw it on the ground. An insulted Gallagher started to really go to work on Perkins, but he went for a big dive on Perkins, who was against the ropes, and landed hard on the ringside area. The match went to commercial break with Gallagher down on the ground. Back from break, Perkins is in control in the center of the ring. Gallagher started to fight back, and hit a few big uppercuts, followed by an exploder suplex, and a quick pin attempt for a near fall. Perkins tried to start fighting back, but caught a huge headbutt from Gallagher that sent TJP out of the ring. Gallagher then hit the “Mary Poppins” off of the top rope onto Perkins on the outside of the ring. Gallagher went back into the ring after nearly winning by count out, because he’s a gentleman. Gallagher then went back to the outside of the ring, and Perkins pushed the gentleman hard into Aries. Aries attempted to get in the ring, but Neville snuck in from behind, and knocked him off of the apron. Back in the ring, Perkins kicked the ropes into Gallagher’s face, and then followed with a detonation kick for the 1-2-3.

Analysis: That was a really good match for what it was, although it was a little weird that Neville and Aries were just kind of there until the end. Hopefully this new thing Raw is doing where they only have one cruiserweight match instead of two will stick, because it gives the match more time to at least attempt to tell a story. That’s always a plus!

And now… 205 Live

The show starts off with a replay from last week’s Raw featuring Tj Perkins and Neville. In a backstage segment, Neville told TJP that he is the only person who has any respect for him and Austin Aries took Perkins spot at Wrestlemania. Perkins would go on to attack Austin Aries after their match later that night, turning heel in the process, and changing pretty much nothing besides that. The show opening pyro went off, and Tom Phillips along with Corey Graves welcomed us to 205 Live in Louisville, Kentucky. They talked about the main event tonight, which is a rematch between Austin Aries and TJ Perkins . Akira Tozawa made his way out to the ring next, and he’s in the first match of the night.

Akira Tozawa vs Tony Nese

Before the match, a replay aired from last weeks 205 live aired, showing Akira Tozawa teaching The Brian Kendrick lesson number two. The bell rang, and the two tied up in the center of the ring. Nese then stopped to flex, and told Tozawa he’s jealous. They tied up again, and went into the ropes. They did it again, and Nese followed with a slap to the face of Tozawa. He then sent Tozawa out of the ring, but Tozawa came back in quickly, and started to go to work on nese. Nese exited the ring, and Tozawa chased him back inside. Tozawa started to fire up, and went for a quick pin attempt for a 2 count. Tozawa started to dive onto Nese after he went to the outide again, but Nese suckered him in, and attempted hit a big forearm shot for a long 2, followed by another attempt. Nese then locked in a headlock, and The Brian Kendrick walked down the ring. Nese remained in control, and hit a stalling suplex onto the top rope. Nese gained a nearfall, and continued to work on Tozawa with a standing torture rack. Nese went for the suplex again, but Tozawa countered, and started firing up the crowd. Tozawa then hit his signature dive through the ropes onto Nese. Tozawa rolled Nese back into the ring, and went to the top rope. Tozawa missed the attempt, but then nailed Nese with a big bicycle knee to the chin of Nese for a nearfall. Tozawa, remained in control until Nese countered, and threw Tozawa into the ropes. Kendrick tried to come into the ring, and the ref stopped him. Nese yelled at Kendrick asking what that was about. This allowed Tozawa to roll up Nese for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Kendrick apologized to Nese in the ring, and started talking to Tozawa. Nese hit Kendrick from behind, and Tozawa got on the mic. Tozawa asked Kendrick if he remembers this, and mocked Kendrick by saying “lesson number 3 is to have eyes in the back of your head”.

Analysis: Man 205 Live really knows how to start off a show. That was a really fun match that featured 2 of the better performers on the roster, and they delivered. When Kendrick got involved it looked as though he might cause a distraction finish on Tozawa. He caused a distraction, but not on his intended target. Tozawa picking up the win here makes sense, since he’s the one who is actually in a feud right now. It was nice to see Nese finish the segment by getting a little revenge of his own on Kendrick. Gotta keep that top heel jobber criedible.

After a commercial for the upcoming Payback Pay Per View, or uh, special event? Rich Swann made his way to the ring, as a replay from last week aired that showed Alicia FOOOOOXXXXXXXX get powdered in the face by a “gift” Dar claimed to give her. Swann said Fox has had a week to think things over, and invited her to the ring. Noam Dar interrupted, and said last week was humiliating. He told Swann he’s “a stinking little rat”. Alicia Fox made her way out to the ring, and Swann asked who(WHO? WHO?) is she going to pick. She said when she first saw Dar, she saw the future face of 205 live. She said she got to know him, and he is immature, cant cook, and… she stopped, as Dar looked sad. Fox said she has been using Dar, and she never cared. She said its annoying when he says Alica FOOOOXXXXXX. She said she would “snap” if she hears it again, and told Dar they are done. The crowd sang “nah nah nah nah hey hey hey goodbye”, as Dar walked away disappointed. Fox then turned to Swann, and said she can officially thank Swann for the gifts. He said they came from the heart. Fox said she is going to give Swann what he deserves, and leaned in for a kiss. Swann denied, and asked Fox if she remembers Cedric Alexander. He said she left Alexander for a “euro trash pervert”, and said he has a word for her. He said his mom taught him better than to say things like that, as the crowd made Hacksaw references(Hooo!). Swann said the gift he always wanted to give her was letting everyone know who she really is. Fox then started snapping about being single now, and got mad at “what” chants. Fox really started to snap saying “you what”. She said she is the queen of Kentucky, and the show went to commercial break.

Analysis: I have never been happier to see a commercial break… Anyways, its nice that the random gift giving lead to some what of a point being made. I mean the show hasn’t even been around for all that long, and we’ve already seen Fox with Cedric Alexander AND Noam Dar. She even dumped Dar, and tried to hook up with Swann immediately after! I wonder what Cedric Alexander will think about this? I know one thing is for sure, Rich Swann wont have to deal with the curse of Alicia Fox.

After the break, Mustafa Ali made his way out the ring. He’s in the second match of the night.

Mustafa Ali vs Ariya Daivari

Daivari made his way to the ring, showing off a new “luxurious personality featuring sunglasses, and big gold chains. Apparantly earlier in the day he pulled into the arena driving a. The match got under the way with the two tieng up in the middle of the ring, and ali went into a submission hold. Ali let go when Daiviari grabbed the ropes, and Daviari attemted to get Ali from behind, but was taken down. They locked up again, and exchanged a few blows, before ali ended with a roll up. Ali attemted another, and then daviari attempted one of his own. Davai hit a boot to the mid section to gain the upperhand for a bit, but Ali caught him with two big kikcs that sent Daviari to the outside, followed by a big dive. Back on the apron, the two tesed a few apron spots, before Daivari hit one, and rolled Ali into the ring for an nearfall. Davari then started the beatdown on Ali in the ring, and hit a few chops in the corner. He then whipped Ali into the corner, and Ali reversed. Ali attemted a crossbody off of the middle rope, but got caught with a huge spine buster for a nearfall. Ali hit a spinning heel kick out of nowhere after that, and started to fire up. Ali then got whipped into the corner, and reversed with a big kick, followed bu the roll through neckbreaker for another nearfall. Daviari went into the corner, and Ali followed, but Davari pushed him off. Davari attempted to jump onto Ali, but was caught by a drop kick to the chest. Davari landed uin positin for the 450 splash, but Drew Gulak walked out and distracted Ali as he set up for it. This allowed davari to make his way up, and deliver the hammerlock lariat for the 1-2-3.

Analysis: I don’t even know what to say about this “new” Daivari. At least he won in the debut match of his new gimmick, so that’s promising I guess. The match itself was really good for what it was considering all of the fairly believable near falls, and I like how Gulak came in for the distraction as soon as Ali made his first attempt of the match at a top rope move. That’s good story line continuity as Gulak’s current gimmick is opposed to those types of things.

After the match, Gulak said tonight we witnessed the first steps towards a “bright future”. He said Ali, and his type of wrestling has no place in that future. He said he will stop at nothing to create a better 205 live, and walked off.

TJ Perkins made his way out the ring next. He still has the same music, and he’s still doing a dab.

TJ Perkins vs Austin Aries

Perkins ran out of the ring to start the match, and the ref began the count. Aries sat in the ring, and Perkins hesitated to approach him. Perkins then unleashed a fury of punches on Aries, followed by a headlock, but Aries countered with a drop kick. Aries then went into an armbar on Perkins for a while, and TJP eventually countered with a hold of his own, and a dab. Aries reversed into a pin, and into the last chancery, but Perkins slid outside again. Aries kicked it in the corner for a bit, and Perkins came back into the ring, but missed with a senton. Aries then hit a senton on Perkins who once again went to the outside. Aries htped the crowd a bit, and hit the missile dive onto Perkins. Aries then smacked TJP with a huge chop to the chest, and rolled him into the ring. Aries went to the top rope, but Perkins knocked him off, and went to work on Aries with some straight right hands, followed by a pin attempt. Perkins remained in control, and stepped on Aries face. He then covered Aries with his foot, and dabbed on him. Aries started to heat up, but Perkins hit a crossbody for a 2 count. Perkins then mocked Aries, and locked in a butterfly lock on Aries shoulders. Aries got back to his feet, and tried to heat up again, but got caught with a kick to the gut. Perkins went for a standing flip onto Aries, but Aries rolled out of the way. Aries hit a gut buster and an STO, followed by a pendulum elbow for a near fall. Aries remained in control, and went to the top rope following a neck breaker. Aries went for a front flip off of the top rope, but landed on his feet, tweaking his knee in the process. Perkins then locked in a kneebar, as Aries reached for the ropes. Aries eventually made it to the ropes, and grabbed his knee. Perkins then went to work on the injured knee, and delivered a few shots in the center of the ring. Aries tried to fight back, but tweaked his knee again. TJP set up for a detonation kick, but Aries reversed with a suplex to Perkins. Aries then hit a big forearm, and went to the top rope. Aries hit a 450 splash for the 1-2-NO! as Perkins got his foot on the ropes. Aries locked in the last chancery, but Perkins once again got a foot on the ropes. Perkins rolled to the outside, and Aries limped out to get him. Aries rolled TJP back into the ring after struggling to pick him up, but Perkins was playing possum a bit, as he went for another Detonation kick attempt, Aries fought out of it, and hit an ear clap. Aries followed it up with the Discuss Five Arm for the 1-2-3, and celebrated on the ropes after. Neville’s pyro went off, and he then rushed to the ring, and started to go to work on Aries. Aries eventually caught Neville in the last chancery, but perkins broke it up. Both guys worked on Aries in the corner, and Neville fed Aries to Perkins. Perkins hit a big detonation kick, and Neville locked in the Rings Of Saturn. Nevilles music played, and the show ended there with Neville and TJP looking proud of themselves.

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