Jim Ross Q&A: WrestleMania 32 Card, Fans Reaction To Reigns, WWE HOF

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently updated his Q&A section at his official website, JRsBarBQ.com, fielding questions from fans on a wide variety of topics. Below are some of the highlights.

On his feelings regarding this year’s WrestleMania lineup:

“it’s Wrestlemania and the stories are yet to be told so I’m reserving judgment until I see the matches. I do feel the card will exceed many fan’s expectations.”

On the reason WWE repeats segments on RAW so often throughout the show:

“Twofold, to reiterate important content and to catch viewers who are just tuning in.”

On what he thinks WWE feels about fans boo’ing Roman Reigns’ matches:

“I have no idea what WWE thinks as I’m no longer there. I do think some fans resist Reigns because they feel he’s been force fed to them while others, like me, think he’s been miscast.”

On what factors go into deciding who will be each year’s WWE Hall Of Fame inductees:

“I don’t know how today’s WWE HOF is selected but some in upper management likely yay or nay all prospective inductees. Not sure there is any established guidelines. Sorry.”

On why matches on RAW are cut for time despite the fact that the show is three hours in length:

“The bottom line appears to be that Raw is often times over written and talk is at a higher priority than is wrestling or so it seems.”

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