Tough Enough Episode One Plans, WWE Creative Team Happy

– With the WWE Elimination Chamber only having a couple of weeks to build from the last pay-per-view and the next pay-per-view on the books, the WWE creative team is said to enjoy this particular task. Apparently most of the creative team members like only having a couple of weeks to set up angles and blow them off, as they generally seem to feel that spending four weeks of television to set up and pay off a story gives too much time for the matches — which as of late are mostly the same on television as they are on the pay-per-view — to get old.

– There is talk of having the very first episode of the new season of WWE Tough Enough to be built around 30 contestants battling to make it into the house. If this does happen, the eliminations and the picks of those who qualify will be shot at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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