WWE Legends At Hall/Roberts Party (Photo), Hulk Hogan On The JBL & Cole Show

– At the Scott Hall and Jake Roberts WrestleMania XXX party at the House Of Blues in New Orleans on Friday night, a number of WWE Superstars and legends made appearances. Among them, as pictured below, are Big Show, Diamond Dallas Page and Ric Flair.

– The latest edition of The JBL & Cole Show, which features Hulk Hogan this week, has been added to the official YouTube channel of WWE. The official description for this week’s show reads as follows:

“In case you missed anything, this edition of The JBL & Cole Show recaps ALL of the past months events involving the controversy around the infamous Golden Boot. Kane drops by and adds a new hashtag to the mix – #DropJBL #FreeCody #DropCody. Which will you choose?”

Check out episode #71 of The JBL & Cole Show below:

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