Triple H Talks About Working With Vince, NXT, His Kids & More

WWE COO Triple H was interviewed recently by bodybuilding website RX Muscle. The interview mostly focused on NXT. Here are some highlights:

– He talked about being very involved with the WWE Performance Center. NXT is his own pet project and Vince McMahon is relatively hands-off, although Vince does have the final say about what appears on the NXT shows.
– Triple H manages developmental and decides which talents are ready to be brought up to the main roster. Vince then reviews Triple H’s picks and decides how to incorporate them into the main roster.

– Contrary to reports that WWE currently looking for bigger guys, Triple H said they accept small guys, technical guys, high flying guys, big powerful guys, and said that it’s about having a variety of talent.

– He also said that he doesn’t want his kids to be spoiled rich kids and that his oldest daughter attended a recent NXT taping.

Other topics discussed included Vince’s training habits, going two straight days with only 45 minutes of sleep and much more.

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