What Happened After RAW, The Shield Taunts CM Punk At RAW

– During a commercial break of Monday’s WWE RAW, Shield member Seth Rollins grabbed a microphone and responded to fans chanting “CM Punk” by asking them, “CM Who?”

He continued, “That’s Dean Ambrose the United States champion. The man every guy wants to be and every woman wants to be with.”

The Shield did a similar routine over the weekend, running down CM Punk at live events.

– The dark match main event that took place after RAW went off the air saw John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Batista defeat the Wyatt Family by disqualification. The finish came when Bray Wyatt and Eric Rowan attacked Batista, who had given Luke Harper a spear and was about to give him a Batista Bomb.

Cena and Bryan then chased Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper out of the ring, leaving Rowan alone with the babyfaces. Cena hit him with the AA, Batista hit him with the spear, and Bryan hit him with a running knee to end the show.

* HUGE Returns Planned For The 2/24 WWE RAW (The Night The NETWORK Launches)

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