The CRL 100 – Part 1 (100 – 51)

Welcome, one and all, to the 2013 CRL 100! Tonight we will begin the second ever installment of the aptly titled Cewsh Reviews List 100, as we begin the countdown of the 100 best and most significant wrestlers of the past calender year. This traditional, which was founded originally in protest of the PWI 500, is the sum of a full year’s worth of tireless tape watching and analysis by us here at Cewsh Reviews Headquarters, and we can’t wait to show you who we chose for what spot, so you guys can get down to the important business of tearing it to shreds.

The goal here is to spread the word about people who had a great year, while rewarding the people who went above and beyond in the name of our entertainment. And while you might think you know how things will play out if you read our list last year, I assure you, things are VERY different this year. With a almost a third of the members of last year’s list falling off of this one altogether to make room for fresh blood, and a radically different looking top 10, this list reflects a turbulent year in wrestling history. But at the end of it all, only one man can stand tall as Mr. 2013.

Will it be Daniel Bryan? John Cena? Hiroshi Tanahashi? Only one way to find out!

Now then, this is the bottom 50. So just like last year, i’ll be doing write ups for the top 50, to give you some insight into everything they accomplished this year, but the bottom 50 get no such distinction. So we’ll start with the big list and then break the top 50 into two parts of 25 over the next week, leading to the crowning of Mr. 2013.  But before we get to the list, I’m going to post the traditional FAQ to hopefully clear up some questions that may arise from this list.

Q: What goes into deciding these ratings?
A: Everything. This isn’t just a list of who had the best matches this year, (though that plays a major part,) it’s also a list of who was the most valuable to their promotion, and to wrestling in general over the past year. Think of this list as representing where everyone in the wrestling world stood in 2013 in relation to everyone else. But to be clear, this is not a popularity contest. Nobody in contention for the status of “Cewsh’s Favorite Wrestler” even made the top 10. This is meant to be an objective look at who was top shit in 2013. Keep that in mind.

Q: Why 100?
A: Because 500 forces you to include people who aren’t really worthy of consideration, and 276 wasn’t symmetrical enough.

Q: What do all the numbers mean?
A: The first number is their rank this year, the number next to it in parenthesis is their ranking on this list last year.

Q: So where are you going to rank the Undertaker/Brock Lesnar/The Rock/Triple H etc?
A: I’m not going to. In order to make things as fair as possible across the board, I required that in order to be eligible for this list, you have to have wrestled at least 5 matches in the past calender year. Any less than that and there just isn’t a fair sample size to base an educated opinion on. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Q: John Cena’s not on here, is he?
A: Oh yeah, he totally is.

Q: Why are you combining the men and women on one list? That’s not fair to the women, is it?
A: Judging by some of the women you’ll find on this list, it might not be fair to the men. 

Q: But why did *insert my favorite wrestler* rank below *insert wrestler I don’t like*?
A: Because I said so.

Q: But you can’t possibly think…
A: Yep.

Q: But that’s ridic…
A: Nope.

Q: …
A: That’s right. Never argue with science.

Alright, that’s enough with the questions already. Let’s get down to the meat of the thing. Here are numbers 100-50 on the CRL 100 list of the best wrestlers of 2013! Think of them as the runners up. They’ll all get a nice fruit basket and a book about dinosaurs.


100. (#42) Wade Barrett (WWE)

(2 WWE Intercontinental Championships)

99. (#77) Jay Lethal (ROH)

(1 SWE Speed King Championship)

98. (#35) Low Ki (Freelance)

97. (#87) Kenny King (TNA)

(1 TNA X Division Championship)
(1 FSW Elite Championship)

96. (N/A) Curtis Axel (WWE)

(1 WWE Intercontinental Championship)

95. (#25) Hailey Hatred (Freelance)
(1 Remix Pro Wrestling Championship)
(1 Goddesses of Stardom Championship)
(1 Triangle Ribbon Championship)
(1 TLW World Women’s Championship)
(1 TLW World Women’s Tag Team Championship)

94. (#5) Kenny Omega (Freelance)

(1 KO-D Openweight Championship)
(1 DDT Extreme Division Championship)
(1 KO-D Six Man Tag Team Championship)
(1 JAPW Light Heavyweight Championship)
(1 PCW Tag Team Championship)

93. (N/A) Darren Young (WWE)

92. (#58) Saraya Knight (Shimmer)

(1 Shimmer Championship)

91. (N/A) Jack Swagger (WWE)

90. (N/A) Yujiro Takahashi (NJPW)

89. (#56) Jeff Hardy (TNA)

(1 TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

88. (N/A) Adrian Neville (NXT)

(1 WWE NXT Tag Team Championship)

87. (N/A) Luke Harper (WWE)

(1 WWE NXT Tag Team Championship)

86. (#38) Hirooki Goto (NJPW)

85. (#20) Eddie Kingston (Freelance)

(1 Chikara Grand Championship)
(1 JAPW Tag Team Championship)
(1 Ace Diamond Division Championship)

84. (#79) Bo Dallas (NXT)
(1 WWE NXT Championship)

83. (N/A) Masato Yoshino (Dragon Gate)

(1 DG Open The Dream Gate Championship)
(1 DG Open The Brave Gate Championship)

82. (N/A) Damien Sandow (WWE)
(Smackdown Money in the Bank)

81. (#94) Toru Yano (NJPW)

(1 GHC Tag Team Championship)

80. (#22) Abyss (TNA)

(1 TNA Television Championship)

79. (N/A) Minoru Suzuki (NJPW)

78. (#65) Samoa Joe (TNA)

77. (#78) Dean Ambrose (WWE)

(1 WWE United States Championship)

76. (#52) Takeshi Morishima (NOAH)

(1 GHC Heavyweight Championship)

75. (#81) Nicole Matthews (Shimmer)

(1 Shimmer Tag Team Championship)
(1 ECCW Women’s Championship)

74. (N/A) Tomoka Nakagawa (Freelance)
(1 Shimmer Tag Team Championship)
(1 WAVE Tag Team Championship)
(2 OZ Academy Tag Team Championships)

73. (#73) Michael Elgin (ROH)
(1 PWG Tag Team Championship)
(1 AAW Heavyweight Championship)

72. (#85) Shelton Benjamin (Freelance)

71. (#10) James Storm (TNA)

(1 TNA World Tag Team Championship)

70. (#39) Eddie Edwards (ROH)

(1 ROH World Tag Team Championship)

69. (#47) Leo Kruger (NXT)

68. (#54) Kevin Steen (ROH)

(1 ROH World Heavyweight Championship)
(1 AAW World Heavyweight Championship)

67. (#40) Masato Tanaka (NJPW)

(1 NJPW NEVER Openweight Championship)

66. (#98) Paige (NXT)

(1 WWE NXT Divas Championship)

65. (#36) Satoshi Kojima (NJPW)

(1 IWGP Tag Team Championship)

64. (#68) Portia Perez (Shimmer)

(1 Shimmer Tag Team Championship)
(Global Shield Tournament)

63. (#95) AR Fox (Freelance)

(1 Evolve Championship)
(1 CZW Wired TV Championship)
(1 DGUSA Open The United Gate Championship)
(1 CLL International All Star Championship)
(Torneo Sala de Campeones)

62. (N/A) Ryback (WWE)


(1 IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship)

60. (N/A) Jimmy Uso (WWE)

59. (N/A) Jey Uso (WWE)

58. (#80) Jessicka Havok (Freelance)

(1 WSU Championship)

57. (N/A) Emma (NXT)

56. (#8) Kota Ibushi (NJPW/DDT)

(1 KO-D 6 Man Tag Team Championship)

55. (#32) Mark Henry (WWE)

54. (#6) Austin Aries (TNA)

53. (N/A) Big E Langston (WWE)

(1 WWE Intercontinental Championship)
(1 WWE NXT Championship)

52. (N/A) Chris Sabin (TNA)

(1 TNA World Heavyweight Championship)
(1 TNA X Division Championship)

51. (#88) La Sombra (CMLL)

(1 IWGP Intercontinental Championship)
(NWA World Historic Middleweight Championship)
(Reyes del Aire)
(Torneo Nacional de Parejas Increibles)

And there you have it. These 50 men and women distinguished themselves with their great skill and even greater tenacity, and stood out from the rest of the pack. But even though everyone listed here was great this year, and all of them have some great moments to look back on, they’re all just sprigs of parsley on the plate compared to the entree that comes next. Because as we launch into the next 50, we’ll be giving a breakdown of just what made them so damn good this year, all the way until we get to our choice for the official wrestler of the year 2013. Think you know who it’ll be? Well lock in your bets, boys and girls. Because there are some major surprises in store and you never know who might make it to the top.

Until next time, remember to keep reading and be good to one another!

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