What Happened After Battleground Ended?, WWE Teases RVD Taking Time Off

-After the WWE Battleground pay-per-view ended on Sunday night, both Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton eventually got back to their feet after being knocked out by Big Show. Bryan hit his running knee finisher on Orton, and that was about it. Justin Roberts thanked everyone for coming, and reminded the fans that WWE will be returning to the First Niagra Center in Buffalo for a live event in January.

-The official WWE website has a new article up that alludes to the possibility that Rob Van Dam may be “taking some time off” from WWE action following his World Heavyweight Championship loss to Alberto Del Rio at WWE Battleground. The WWE.com article states the following:

“Now, with the golden losses beginning to pile up, a source has indicated that the ECW Original is considering taking some time off. While WWE.com cannot confirm or deny this rumor at this time, it will be interesting to see whether further details will come to light tonight on Monday Night Raw.”

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