Drew McIntyre On How Giving Up Alcohol Has Helped His WWE Career, Talks Workout Regimen and More

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WWE NXT Champion Drew McIntyre spoke with The Mirror in The UK ahead of his big title match at NXT Takeover WarGames tonight, and below are some interview highlights:

On his workout regiment:

“I like to listen to lots of music. One minute I can be into something heavy like Slipknot, and the next I’ll have on the Proclaimers”, laughs the champ.

“I love the great outdoors… I do get cardio from my matches, but if I want to train cardio I love to get outside and run”, he adds.

“I’ve been working really hard. I got hurt just over a year ago. I was very lucky that it didn’t turn out to be more serious than it was and I avoided surgery. After that I started to cut out all the negatives in my life. I cut out alcohol too”, shares Drew.

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On how his diet has helped his career:

“I now get a nutritional company to send my meals. The way I felt within a few days was like night and day. I had not been focused on diet all that much before, and it made such a difference. Eating properly, taking out the alcohol, and drinking more water made me feel so much better physically and mentally”, says Drew.

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