Another Former Champion Possibly Returning to WWE

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As noted, several WWE superstar returns are in the works, with Roman Reigns returning on Raw tonight to reunite The Shield heading into Survivor Series.

Also expected to return in time for Survivor Series is Paige, who has been out of action since undergoing neck surgery.

According to, former Cruiserweight Champion Neville, who has been off WWE TV for several weeks, could be returning soon. The report furthered there have been some positive talks as of late between Neville and WWE, and that the talks have gone so well, it’s possible Neville could be returning to WWE as soon as the end of this month, maybe even sometime this week.

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Neville has been off TV since last month, and while reports claimed the former Cruiserweight Champion ‘walked out’ on the company and refused to put Enzo Amore over, those reports ended up being untrue. Sources noted that it was more likely Neville had pushed for a WWE release so he could build his name up outside the company, and then return down the line, similar to the course taken by Drew McIntyre.

In related news, there was a creative issue with Smackdown Live stars Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at the Smackdown tapings in Manchester last week, which resulted in the two stars being sent home from the overseas tour. Both Owens and Zayn are expected to be back at the Smackdown Live tapings this week.

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