Johnny Impact On Working With Eli Drake, The Future Of Impact Wrestling, Praise For Pete Dunne


– Impact Wrestling talent Johnny Impact recently participated in a interview with the Mirror to help promote his upcoming match against Eli Drake at Bound For Glory this Sunday, check out the highlights below:

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On working with Eli Drake:

“Yeah, I’ve known Eli Drake for years because we both live in Los Angeles, but I had never worked with him prior to coming to Impact. I was really impressed. It’s going to sound like a backhanded compliment, but he really exceeded my expectations. He’s really stepped up his game. That’s the exact thing that Impact needs right now. Unfortunately for him, I can take even bigger steps, so when my game gets stepped up, he’s in trouble! That’s the exact word, underrated. He has leveled¬†up his ring work, that’s really what I was mentioning just then. He’s always been heralded for his mic skills and they are still there, but he’s really stepped up his ring work, which is cool, because that’s what I feel the champion of a promotion needs to do.”

On Impact Wrestling’s Future:

“Absolutely. I feel like IMPACT was in that position before. Since I’ve got there, I feel like a lot of things have started happening again. The company has started to look at different talents and the talent that we have there are really upping their game. I’ve felt really at home with the Impact locker room since day one. Guys like Bobby Lashley, I met him on his first day in WWE. Chris Adonis – Chris Masters – and I, we went to the same elementary school. EC3, I knew him from WWE. I knew him and I could have epic matches. Then there’s new people that I’m getting the chance to work with too, like LAX. Everyone who works there is working hard and I feel like the whole company is undergoing a re-branding if you will. I’m hoping that I can be at the forefront of that and push it into a new Impact era. Impact was hot and it was cutting edge, when they had AJ Styles, Samoa Joe … then they fell into that kind of WCW trap, where they said ‘we’ve got money, let’s get the biggest stars’ … but the biggest stars aren’t cutting edge usually.”

On being a fan of Pete Dunne:

“Yeah. I’m a big fan of Pete Dunne and his work in the WWE UK Championship Tournament. It is crazy how good he is at such a young age and it’s really important in a way for to me to bring it and prove that as good as he is, I’m still a little bit better!”

On being content with the independent wrestling scene:

“Yeah, it’s kind of tough to answer that question. Because wrestling is wrestling and you can never say never in wrestling. You never know what is going to happen in the next six months. There’s a ton of people in WWE who I haven’t had the chance to wrestle, who I would love to have matches with. But there’s still a ton of people outside of WWE who I haven’t had the chance to wrestle, who I would love to have matches with. I would love to see Lucha Underground continue to grow and become something bigger than what it is – the same for Impact. It feels rewarding to be a part of something from day one like Lucha Underground and see it grow to what it is now. We had a screening party to celebrate the season finale and we were celebrating that at the same time as building up for Bound for Glory. Then at the same time I had a huge title defence against Dr Wagner for AAA. So it’s a really good time and it’s a fun time and I don’t think I’ve ever been in this business where it felt there was a better time to be an independent wrestler than right now.”

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