Gallows and Anderson On Which Raw Star They Want in ‘The Club’, WWE Slam App Adds More Top Stars

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Gallows and Anderson On Which Raw Star They Want in ‘The Club’

WWE Raw stars Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson recently did an interview with The Daily Mail, and during the interview Anderson had the following to say on which fellow Raw roster member they would want in The Club:

“Sasha Banks, she could manage us! That’s what so cool though, you could even go old school, I mean everyone knows our history with Finn Balor and some of the other guys from our time in Japan.”

Also during the interview, Anderson was asked about his time in Japan, and he recalled the following story:

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“I mean there are so many. I know we used to go to Akihabara all the time, which is what they call a really nerdy area. AJ would always get really excited if we were going there because there are so many video games.”

“But in general we’d have so much fun, just talking for six hours on the bus doing Stone Cold impressions the entire time to each other. AJ would laugh for the first 20 minutes, three hours later he’d take his headphones off and we’d still be doing it. He be like how are you guys still doing this then put his headphones back on so we’d start talking like him for an hour and a half. It’s how you keep yourself entertained, or at least that’s how we do it.”

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