“Incomprehensible at all levels” – PSG ultras “fed up” with the running of the club says long statement

Detailed in the posting of a lengthy statement on their social media accounts, PSG ultra group the CUP (the Collectif Ultras Paris) aired their extreme frustration with the running of the Paris club after recently displaying a banner reading ‘our patience has limits’.

“For too long now the club offers us something that we can no longer support,” said the statement. The “club wants to be a global brand, obsessed with selling shirts, to the point of forgetting its heritage and insulting the fans at the Parc by playing in an away kit at home. This is a club that piles up the stars like a spoiled child, without concern for a coherent sporting plan. This is a club that dreams so big that it feels like the season starts in February while it despises domestic trophies. We no longer recognize our club which seems to have lost its DNA.”

The statement describes the management of the club as “incomprehensible at all levels” and bemoans the “constant changing of coaches while a project with consistent with recruitment is never put in place, the underused players for whom football no longer seems to be a real priority, the incomprehensible management of young players and a blatant lack of respect for the women’s team.” 

The CUP also highlights the drama off the field in recent years as “episodes more worthy of a telenovela than a professional football club.”

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