Kylian Mbappé in favour of VAR but appears against a World Cup every 2 years

Speaking at the Global Soccer Awards, 23-year-old PSG and France attacker Kylian Mbappé showed his support for VAR, but spoke against having a World Cup every 2 years.

“World Cup, every 2 years? I can’t say if it’s right or wrong. It’s something unique that happens every 4 years. Playing it every 2 years would become a normal competition. We already play 60 games a year. We are happy to play, but when it’s too much it is too much. If you want to have quality you have to allow the players to rest.”


The referee cannot take 7 minutes for a VAR decision. I am in favour if used well. Sometimes we do not know what is happening and we are taken aback by it. We should be more involved, we still have to to adapt.

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