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The second half of 2019 has been an exciting, wild ride for designer Daniella Kallmeyer. After successfully opening her namesake brand’s pop-up shop on Orchard street in June (which was extended through August), the designer penned a five-year lease in the space while launching her first pre-fall collection.

“We’ve been in business for eight years, but we’ve only been doing really big collections twice a year. There have been stores asking now, because we sell great, and even having my own store now, I realized we couldn’t have gone through the season again, or six months, [without a new collection],” Kallmeyer disclosed. Her shop not only informed her of the need for more clothes, but also, which were performing the best; this information was used as a basis for her pre-fall array.

“We realized what I built this brand on was finally working the best,” Kallmeyer mused. To fill the store in June, the designer brought back archival styles from the line, and they ended up selling out first. All of the shop’s suiting sold out in June, which she brought into pre-fall with crisp, wide-leg pants with giant, oversize back pockets and matching blazer; custom knife pleated silhouettes proved strong as well, reworked into pre-fall on desirable skirts and dresses. 

Kallmeyer Pre-Fall 2020

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Kallmeyer’s designs mix modesty and sexiness with clean lines, which she describes as “informed by the psychology of men’s dressing, but very much women feeling like women.” The collection resembled an expansion from spring with technical safari tops, clean shirting, jumpsuits both utilitarian and minimal, cozy knitwear and sophisticated but easy matching earth-toned sets. In addition to everything else, the pre-fall season marks expansion into unisex denim with her sustainable style, coined the “Lover’s Jean.” The expansion into unisex denim stemmed from an influx of new male customers into the shop (Kallmeyer claims her store’s neighborhood is an “old skater boy hood, but the kind of skater who also shops fashionably”). Instead of rushing into men’s wear, Kallmeyer felt denim was the right next step and an interesting time to explore an area her brand had naturally been leaning toward.

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