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At six years in, designers of Beaufille Chloé and Parris Gordon are a label setting a modern template for their contemporaries. While they have fostered a strong point of view from the beginning — making feminine pieces with a tough edge — their fall assortment shows that it’s more than individual garments that sets them apart.

One way is their deeper push into sustainability. Yes, it is a far-reaching topic and the sisters approach it with a thoughtful consideration. It starts with their fabrics — the duo uses textiles made from 50 percent recycled plastic bottles and 50 percent organic cotton on some pieces.

“We think about if we cannot make a piece out of 100 percent sustainable material, then how else can we make it sustainable,” Chloe said. She went on to explain that one way is by creating a transitional wardrobe with pieces “that aren’t just seasonal.”

Beaufille Fall RTW 2020

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There was a section of monochromatic pleated pieces that created compelling shapes. A jacket with removable lapels. A three-way wrap dress with a skirt that unbuttons and a belt that can be undone, it broke up the body into three key places. Many pieces had a mix of these types of built in styling tricks, creating new shapes; nothing felt over complicated or too precious. Garments that can work in variety of settings with multiple uses was a strong message throughout the  collection.

Aiming for zero waste is a concern that they take seriously, too, like in their knit program where novelty knits were created in a graphic crochet style. It was used on core silhouettes like a high-waisted pant and dress shape.

Leftover embroidered lace pieces were as used to create a wrap sheerish top. Only 20 can be produced, which made it a hero piece with an heirloom quality. It underscores their level of careful considerations taken with each piece they create.

Another section used fully fashioned knitwear, unlike cut-and-sew styles, it produces zero waste. They came in boxy shapes had had some of their edge and toughness.

The timeless theme played out in their seasonal fashion jewelry assortment, too, using flora and fauna as inspiration, like a chunky hoop that looked like flower petals or several pieces using faux pearl clusters that mimic berries.

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