WWE Superstars results: Swagger & O’Neil vs. The Dudley Boyz

The Big Takeaway: No new era here, although Corey Graves is now part of the announce team. A fun pair of matches, including a tag team wrestling clinic in the main event.


Sin Cara defeated Bo Dallas

This is very much a Raw roster show with otherwise little noticeable change, other than Corey Graves taking up color commentary alongside Tom Phillips.

At the bell, Dallas rolls outside for the Bo Train. He’s still sporting his Social Outcasts singlet, and you can’t help but wonder if they still may do something with the likes of Dallas, Axel, and Slater given their lowly status.

Sin Cara’s baseball slide is dodged by Dallas, but he can’t avoid a hurricanrana on the matting outside. Sin Cara hits Dallas with an enzuigiri on the apron, but Dallas rolls out of the way of the subsequent senton attempt.

Dallas hits him with a cheap shot, followed by a clothesline. Knees from Dallas allow him to try for a quick cover. Sin Cara kicks out and Dallas puts on a chinlock.

Sin Cara works his way out of the chinlock, but Dallas throws him back down and poses to this hot, expectant pre-Raw crowd. Big punches from Dallas as he then goes back to the chinlock. Dallas is bleeding from the bottom lip.

Sin Cara gets the heat with a springboard crossbody, a springboard back elbow, and a springboard moonsault, but Dallas kicks out at two. He then hits a beautiful rolling fireman’s carry slam to put Bo in position for the senton. Sin Cara hits it and gets the win.

Jack Swagger & Titus O’Neil defeated The Dudley Boyz

The announcers say that this is all new, and in the “new era” we are getting new tag teams emerging, but Swagger and O’Neil have tagged together before, and have even tagged together before on this show.

Anyway, Swagger and Bubba Ray start things off. It’s just such a pleasure to watch Bubba work, he’s a fantastic heel and such a good trash talker. If only they would use him as a singles heel.

Immediately we get “We want tables” chants. Swagger is ridiculously strong: first he takes down the 300-plus pound Bubba Ray, and then D-Von tags in and Swagger takes him down in just the same way.

He then shoulder barges D-Von to the mat. But that’s it for Swagger’s offense, because from here on in, it’s Swagger in peril as we await the hot tag.

Bubba Ray comes in and starts to slowly work over Swagger. D-Von tags in and does the same, before locking in a rear chinlock. Swagger gets out, only to be beaten back down. They double team Swagger. Bubba mocks Swagger with a “We the Dudleyz” call as we head to a break.

We come back with Bubba Ray just poking fun at Swagger, smacking him in the back of the head. Swagger plays babyface in peril until finally getting O’Neil in for the hot tag.

O’Neil comes in with clotheslines on D-Von. He clocks Bubba on the apron, hits D-Von with a big boot, but a blind tag allows the Dudley Boyz to hit a double team neckbreaker on O’Neil.

He kicks out at two and Swagger gets knocked off the apron. Swagger then ruins the Wassup attempt. O’Neil takes out Bubba Ray, and then hits the Clash of the Titus on D-Von for the win.

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