Harper & Rowan Being Repackaged, News on CW Title Match, Jericho

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have not done much on WWE television ever since their former leader, Bray Wyatt, was sent over to Raw without them earlier this year. On the latest Sheet Podcast, Ryan Satin reported that WWE does still plan on having the two Wyatt Family members continue teaming up. WWE officials reportedly would like to give Harper and Rowan new gimmicks that will finally allow them to become more than just background players whenever Bray Wyatt is around. Few details were given beyond this, but the team have been rumored to be the ones behind attacking Fandango and Tyler Breeze’s office a few weeks back.
As we all saw on Monday Night Raw this past week, “The King of the Cruiserweights” Neville was finally dethroned as Cruiserweight Champion. He won the title in January and became the longest reigning champion ever since the title was resurrected in 2016, but he was defeated on Monday night by Akira Tozawa. The two of them will be having a rematch at SummerSlam. Dave Meltzer claimed on the Wrestling Observer Radio show that the title change was going to take place at SummerSlam, but the decision to have Neville drop the title on Raw was made by WWE right before the show began. It is unclear why exactly the company decided to do the title change early.
When Chris Jericho appeared on Smackdown a few weeks back to compete for the United States Championship, plenty of fans were caught off guard. He later revealed on his Talk is Jericho podcast that he was backstage to shoot footage for Southpaw Regional Wrestling, and he was “roped in” to having a match. Jericho has stated on his show and in interviews recently that he has no plans to return to the ring. Fozzy also recently added shows from September 26th to November 18th to their tour. If Jericho does return to WWE, it doesn’t seem like he would be appearing until 2018 at the earliest.

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