Paralympic sprint champion Jonnie Peacock to mentor four disabled children in new Channel 4 series

Jonnie plans to work with a group of disabled children to show them, and their families, that there are no barriers to participating in sport and physical activities given the right support and tools.


He is now on the search for up to four disabled children aged between 8 and 15 to join Jonnie’s Blade Camp (working title) which will air on Channel 4 in 2020.

 Jonnie said: “My own story and those of many Paralympians prove sport and an active lifestyle is possible regardless of disability.

 “Giving disabled youngsters the support and encouragement they need to stay active doesn’t just help them physically, it can potentially provide them with a life-changing sense of confidence and self-worth.

 “This isn’t the search for the next Paralympic sprint champion, this project is about opening young people’s eyes so they can release their potential and realise how much they can achieve whether that’s participating in structured sport or just running around and messing about in the playground with their friends.”

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 Jonnie will initially meet the children and their families and find out more about them and set a goal, such as taking part for the first time in a school sports day. Each child selected to take part in the series will receive, and keep, their own running blade.

 Jonnie will meet the children several times over the course of about eight months to inspire, train and take them on a journey to a more active life. He’ll also stay in regular contact with them to find out how they are doing and offer support and encouragement.

 Parents of children who regularly use a prosthetic leg to take part in sport are being invited to put forward their children’s names as potential participants. Parents who feel their child could benefit from joining Jonnie’s Blade Camp can contact the production company, One Tribe TV, which is helping Jonnie set up the project.

 The children may be limb-disabled above or below the knee and may have lost both legs.


 Parents who are interested in putting their children forward for the series should contact

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