James Ellsworth Reveals Details on Hulk Hogan's Apology Meeting at Extreme Rules

— On the latest Duhcast podcast in which he is a co-host, James Ellsworth opened up with details about Hulk Hogan’s apology meeting prior to the Extreme Rules PPV.

— According to Ellsworth, Triple H started the meeting with a brief speech first revealing that Hogan has been reinstated and then outlining the dangers of social media when you’re a wrestler or celebrity as well as how easy it is for a person to be filmed without their knowledge or consent since everyone carries around a phone with a camera on it.

— After that, Hogan delivered his speech, apologizing for the things he said while noting that he didn’t know he was being recorded while making those remarks. The meeting then ended with Mark Henry throwing his support behind Hogan.

— Ellsworth added that generally people were accepting of his apology, people make mistakes especially in anger and that he truly believes that Hulk is sincere and sorry about what he said.

— On a related note, it was previously suggested that WWE filmed Hogan’s apology as part of a future network piece, but the company is denying that and saying that no part of the meeting was taped.

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