WWE News: Update on Styles & Owens; Tye Dillinger at Royal Rumble?

  • There are some who think that if Tye Dillinger does not debut this weekend at Royal Rumble at #10, there will be a “big negative reaction.” If Dillinger isn’t going to be coming out as the 10th participant, it would make sense for a heel like the Miz instead to be in that slot instead of a face who would then feel the brunt of the crowd’s boos.

  • The current plans for WrestleMania are that neither Kevin Owens nor AJ Styles are expected to be their respective brands’ champions going into the event. However, with each brand having a PPV before WrestleMania, it’s not guarantee that if John Cena for example wins the title at Royal Rumble this Sunday, that he will still be the champ in April for WrestleMania.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Subscription information available at f4wonline.com

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