WWE Smackdown *Spoilers* From Ontario, CA

No Mauro Ranallo announcing. Michael Cole was in his place.

Kevin Owens makes his way down the ring to do color commentary.

Lucha Dragons and Ziggler vs Del Rio & Sheamus and Rusev. Barrett watches from ringside. Sheamus kicked Ziggler with interference from Owens.

Tamina accompanied by Naomi vs Sasha Banks. Sasha over Tamina via cross face. Short match. After the match Team Bad attacks Sasha, Becky Lynch makes the save. Becky attempted to help Sasha when on the mat but Sasha pushed her away. Sasha and Becky shown backstage, talking about their WrestleMania moment.

Jericho comes out and says he will give AJ Styles his answer and asks him to come out so he can tell him face to face. Out comes Miz and says he’s tired of Jericho and AJ playing footsies. Miz says Jericho has a match with him. Miz goes for the offense but Jericho blocks and hits miz with the mic on the head. Jericho beats Miz via walls of Jericho. Jericho invites Styles come out again, out he comes. Jericho says the answer is No, AJ hits Jericho out of the ring. Jericho comes back to the apron and says that was a stupid move. Gives AJ his rematch at fast lane. By the way AJ’s left eyelid is swollen.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are shown backstage. Says let’s do our thing in the ring. Ambrose continues to walk and runs into Paul Heyman and mentions Brock Lesnar is here and looking for Ambrose.

Jo Jo backstage interviewing New Day regarding Sunday on Edge and Christian’s peep show.

Out comes Natalya. Followed by Charlotte and Ric flair. Charlotte over Nattie Brie’s music plays and she rushes the ring to attack Charlotte. Charlotte attemps figure four, Brie blocks it and does the kicks. Got the whole arena chanting yes.

Truth and Goldust backstage segment

Wyatt’s come out next, Bray cuts short in ring promo regarding Sunday’s match.

Promo shown from Mondays main event

Wyatts vs Show, Ryback, and Kane at fast lane.

Ambrose and Reigns vs Dudleys up next. Crowd is ecstatic for Ambrose. During the match Lesnar appears and attacks both Reigns and Ambrose. Roman about to super man punch Lesnar but Lesnar pushes Reigns into Ambrose . Lesnar f5s reigns.

Triple H music plays and stands by the stage with the belt staring at Lesnar.

Reigns and Ambrose play to the crowd.

Challenge the dudleys to come back out, they do and baby faces clean them out quick.

Credit: wrestlingobserver.com

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