Jim Ross Blog: Night Of Champions Thoughts, Lesnar/Cena, WWE Changes

The following are highlights from the latest Jim Ross blog:

On WWE Night Of Champions match of the night: “IMO the US Title match between Champion Sheamus and Cesaro was the match of the night. Great physicality, drama and compelling action for my taste. Congrats to both men. Cesaro could easily fill a viable fan favorite role on the depleted WWE hero side of the roster. There is money in ‘face Cesaro if it is cultivated.”

On Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena: “Enjoyed the intensity and the physicality of the Lesnar vs. Cena match but I wasn’t overwhelmed with the decision even though I understand why it was the way it was. It seems as if it was a means of facilitating getting Brock and John to the Hell in a Cell PPV in Dallas in a little over a month. As a fan of Paul Heyman, I’d liked to have seen Paul somewhat more involved in the presentation Sunday night but I’m certain that @HeymanHustle will be front and center come Raw from Memphis.”

On WWE changes: “With injuries, scheduling issues, etc one might expect WWE to somewhat ‘reshuffle the deck’ with 5 weeks to build to some new issues between now and HIAC.”

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