TNA House Show Results (9/20): El Paso, Texas

The following are highlights from the TNA Impact Wrestling live event in El Paso, Texas. The event was held on Friday, September 20, 2013.

-Hernandez defeated Joseph Park. Hernandez was way over with the fans in El Paso, as one would expect. Park kept trying to shake his hand. Hernandez did a lot of high-flying offense for a big guy, as he usually does. In the end, Hernandez picked up the pinfall victory after hitting Park with a top-rope splash. After the match, Hernandez and Park raised each other’s arms. Great opener.

-ODB defeated Lei’D Tapa to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship. Tapa dominated the offense throughout the majority of the match. In the end, ODB managed to get the larger woman up for her finisher, which allowed her to score the 1-2-3 to retain her title.

-Manik defeated Eric Young to retain the TNA X-Division Championship. Young started off the match trying to get Manik to tag him in. Manik, confused, eventually did, and Young attempted to start wrestling the referee. Young then acted like he was the ref and made the referee wrestle Manik. Eventually the two wrestled each other, and Manik hit his gutbuster finisher on Young to score the pin and retain his title. Good comedy match.

-James Storm and Gunner defeated Bad Influence in a Texas Tornado Match to retain the TNA Tag-Team Championships. Before the match, Daniels and Kazarian cut a heel promo. After a really entertaining match, Storm and Gunner hit a double-team move on Kazarian to secure the pinfall victory.


-Austin Aries defeated Bobby Roode. Roode got good heat from the fans in El Paso. Aries got a pretty big pop. This match was awesome. Lots of good back-and-forth action before Aries reversed a Roode suplex attempt into a rollup for the 1-2-3.

-Bully Ray defeated Samoa Joe to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Joe probably received the best reaction of the evening. Ray did everything needed to ensure he would get a lot of heat from the crowd, and he did. The finish came when Ray hit Joe with his chain while the referee was down, which led to him pinning Joe to retain his belt. After the match, Ray tried hitting Joe with the belt but Joe came back and cleaned house of the Bully.

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