Jim Ross Blog: WWE Retirement, Night Of Champions PPV, Heyman/Ryback

The following are highlights from the latest online blog by WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

JR on WWE Night Of Champions PPV: “Solid show with an outstanding main event is how I would describe the PPV. Thought Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton closed the show strongly and with a memorable conclusion that will hopefully garner them was water cooler talk in some circles. Bryan is a wrestler’s wrestler who has paid his dues and is an exemplary member of the WWE team and locker room. Congrats to him and hopefully he will have a long, productive reign as WWE Champion. Time will obviously tell on that one.”

JR on Paul Heyman and Ryback: “Ryback aligning himself with Paul Heyman might be the best thing that Ryback has been able to accomplish since getting healthy. If Ryback is to become a major, major player in WWE then @HeymanHustle is the man to help Ryback accomplish such.”

JR on his retirement: “I haven’t bought a rocking chair just yet in the midst of all this retirement talk. I’ve retired from WWE….but not from life. I’m being engaged by a variety of ‘suitors’ who are all presenting some interesting, potential projects to me. Until we pull the trigger on projects that I truly am passionate about and want to invest my time and energy, I will immerse myself in Oklahoma Football, the UFC, and the NFL which isn’t a bad thing for a sport’s junky.”

Check out the complete blog online at JRsBarBQ.com.

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