Irish rugby’s Class of ’95: from the amateur era to here

RUGBY CHANGED FOREVER in 1995 when the game turned professional.

Over the past two decades, rugby has evolved into the high-level, high-pressure sport we know and love today.

Ireland will kick off their Six Nations campaign this weekend with, for the first time, two players born in 1995.

Joey Carbery — who’ll feature when he recovers from injury — and Leinster teammate Garry Ringrose are as old as the pro game.

Over the coming week — as we build up to the Scotland game — we’ll examine Irish rugby through that experience.

From food to mental preparation, what does it actually take to be a top professional rugby player in Ireland today?

How does the game differ technically from that of the early 1990s?

Part-time players clocked into their day jobs on Monday mornings; but what are the challenges for players today after they retire from a full-time sporting career?

We’ll examine those issues and more in The Class of ’95.

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