Olivier Ntcham denies Villas-Boas claims that the Portuguese coach was unaware of his arrival

Speaking at an unveiling press conference on Tuesday, French central midfielder Olivier Ntcham denied claims made by now departed manager André Villas Boas that he wasn’t aware and didn’t want Marseille to sign the Celtic man.

“I was told about what he said because I didn’t listen to him. It surprised me a lot because when I finished the Euros with the U21s, Marseille wanted me. Andoni Zubizarreta contacted my entourage. So when I heard that, it made me laugh. André Villas Boas knows me well, he knew what was going on.”

On the fact that he supported PSG:

Yes, I said I was a PSG supporters a few years ago now I think but that does not have much importance for me. I am a competitor and if I am to play in a PSG vs Marseille I will not be handing out presents on the pitch, they remain opponents and I will got to war for the club.

On Marseille’s recent form:

You don’t refuse Marseille – whether the club’s situation at the time is good or bad. It is as if Barcelona or Real Madrid call you, you cannot refuse. Me, as a Frenchman, I could not refuse the club’s advances.

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