Authorities hand 6 stadium month ban to fan who tried to get a selfie with Kylian Mbappé mid-match

L’Équipe report that a local court in Toulouse on Wednesday handed down a ruling on a fan who invaded Les Violets’ pitch on 31st March this year during a Ligue 1 game with PSG, who was trying to take a selfie with Kylian Mbappé in the middle of the match.

The unnamed individual has been described by official court documents as an “occasional” PSG supporter who has received a suspended sentence of a €1,500 fine. Additionally, he has been given a six month stadium ban for interrupting the match.

Back in March, the young man invaded the pitch just before half-time to try to take a selfie with Mbappé, getting within 5 metres of the French world champion, before being tackled by security. The game was paused for a short while as he was taken away, in a match that resulted in Les Parisiens winning 1-0 thanks to a goal from Mbappé.

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