WWE Live Event Results (5/28/16) – Peoria, IL

Thanks to rajah.com reader William Martin for sending this in!

– The Dudley Boys vs Enzo and Cass.

Both got great reactions. The Dudley’s started the match by ripping up fan signs at ringside and ripped the hat off of what looked like a plant. Big “how you doin’?” chant at the start. Bubba Ray got nice heat imitating Hulk Hogan.

Enzo and Cass won after Enzo got the pin.

– Victor vs. Titus O’Neill.

The crowd was hot for Titus O’Neill, which is surprising. Lots of “Let’s go Titus” and “Titus” chants. Decent physical match. Pretty average, but it was effective.

Titus picked up the win.

– Kevin Owens on the screen cutting a promo against Sami Zayn, claming “this place sucks.”

– Tyler Breeze vs Goldust next. Pretty okay ovation for both. Some kids tried starting a “Tyler” chant during Goldust’s entrance, which was surprising. Pretty average match with Fandango interfering only for R-Truth to make the save.

Goldust picked up the win.

After the match R-Truth started rapping and did his “What’s up?” schtick and Goldust cracked a joke that made the crowd laugh.

– Sami Zayn cut a promo on the screen saying he was going to beat Owens.

– Luke Gallows and Carl Anderson vs. The Hype Bros. next.

A below average match where Gallows and Anderson picked up the win after Gallows pinned Ryder. They weren’t introduced as “The Club” either, interestingly enough.

– Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn up next.

Kevin Owens rolls out of the ring and cuts a promo telling the audience they need to be quiet. It gets massive heat. He does this one more time, which prompted Zayn to go out and attack him.

Great back and forth match with Zayn picking up the win.

– Sheamus vs. Apollo Crews. Before the match Sheamus cuts a promo saying Peoria was a place no one wants to visit, but he did. He said Peoria had a savior, and that savior wasn’t CM Punk, but was Sheamus himself. The CM Punk line came out of nowhere since no one was chanting for him.

He tells Crews he was sorry for attacking him then offers Crews a match. Crews comes out and the two have a pretty good, physical match. Surprisingly Sheamus got a mixed reaction and a dual “Sheamus/Sucks” chant.

Crews walked away with the win.

– Natalya vs. Charlotte next for the Women’s Title. Great ovation for Natalya. Great heat for Charlotte.

This may have been the best match of the night, even if a couple spots were awkward. The crowd was hot the whole match.

Charlotte picked up the win after a roll up where she put her legs on the rope. Natalya worked the crowd well the whole match, getting plenty of “Charlotte sucks” chants going.

– At this point I want to mention the guy in the red hat I mentioned earlier was in fact a plant, which was obvious since he was being buddy buddy with the refs, but he was effective the whole time.

– AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Title was next.

Great reaction for both men. The crowd kept flip flopping on Reigns. It felt weird. This match was better than the Natalya/Charlotte match since it was smoother. There were lots of great spots and near falls. The crowd was mostly pro AJ Styles, but Reigns got a lot of cheers at times as well.

Roman Reigns won with the spear.

And that was the end. Great show. The crowd was hot the whole time. The show was above average.

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